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NA-53 ICT-II Islamabad

Detailed information about constituency NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan-II General elections 2018. List of finalized candidates, prediction of 2018 result and result of 2018 general elections for NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan-II.

List of candidates NA-53 ICT-II Islamabad

Finalized list of candidates NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan-II general elections 2018. NA-39 new constituency created from old NA-25 D.I. Khan-cum- Tank.

Party NameSymbol

Serial Candidate Name Party Party Symbol
1 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi PML-N Tiger
2 Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi PTI Bat
3 Syed Sibt ul Haidar Bukhari PPP Arrow
4 Chaudhary Saeed Ahmad Gujjar AAT Chair
5 Shahzada Asif Javid PSP Dolphin
6 Ayesha Gullalai Wazir PTI-G Racket
7 Abdul Hafeez TLI Cannon
8 Abdul Wahab JDP Gavel
9 Ammar Rasheed AWP Blub
10 Aasif Independent King
11 Asif Fazal Chaudhary Independent A
12 Amjad Masih Independent Well
13 Javed Akhtar Independent Wicket
14 Khawaja Khalil ur Rehman Independent Scooter
15 Raja Qadeer Ahmad Independent Mountain
16 Zaib ur Rahman Independent Bucket
17 Syed Amjad Ali Shah Independent Table & Chair
18 Syed Zafar Ali Shah Independent Computer
19 Shahmakh Hassan Khan Independent Mic
20 Ghazanfar Mehdi Independent Railway Engine
21 Ghulam Rasool HWP Coat
22 Muhammad Asif Nawaz ALP Hut
23 Muhammad Amjad APML Eagle
24 Muhammad Zafar Independent Jeep
25 Makhdoom Muhammad Niaz Inqalabi Independent Fan
26 Malik Muhammad Yousif Independent Sheep
27 Mansoor Aakash Randhawa Independent Sewing Machine
28 Mian Muhammad Aslam MMA Book
29 Nasir Mehmood PAL Hockey
30 Nasir Munir Ahmad Independent Table Tennis Bat
31 Nadeem ul Zafar Khan Independent Radio
32 Nadeem Sarwar ANP Lantern
33 Haroon Arshad Shaikh Independent Gun
34 Muhammad Afnan Umar Baloch TLP Crane

Result of NA-53 ICT-II Islamabad – General Elections 2018

Result will be announced on 26th of July 2018

NA-53 ICT-II Islamabad Elections 2018 Prediction

General election 2018 who will win in NA-53 ICT-II Islamabad according to surveys  Independent candidate Asmat Ullah will win.

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